Handicapping Service is an important part of the service package provided by the NJSGA, via the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). Service is available for up to six categories of players including Men, Ladies (9 and 18-Holers) and Juniors. A junior golfer can receive a USGA/GHIN Handicap free of charge through the NJSGA.  

The GHIN program involves the transmission of golf scores via GHIN computers located on the premises of facilities to GHIN servers. The USGA also permits golfers to post scores and look up their own handicap and/or the handicap of their playing partner(s) via the Internet; this can be accomplished through the NJSGA website (www.njsga.org) or the new NJSGA/GHIN mobile app for iphone and android users. The NJSGA’s GHIN Handicapping service represents a superior quality service for 200 plus golf clubs, courses and organizations throughout the State of New Jersey. Nationwide, the number of players receiving GHIN services exceeds 2,000,000.

The NJSGA publishes an online e-bulletin emailed to golfers who receive our bi-weekly handicap revision alerts. This service is being offered in tandem with the NJSGA’s new web site. We are very excited about these new communications tools that will allow us to stay in better touch with our members and their constituents.