Prospective NJSGA Tournament Committee Member
Frequently Asked Questions & Membership Requirements

What will I need to do in order to become a member of the NJSGA Tournament Committee?

First, if you have not already done so, a candidate for the NJSGA Tournament Committee must submit a completed volunteer application. Second, the candidate should understand the following requirements and expectations:

  • Be a member in good standing of a NJSGA Club or Course (public or private).
  • Be able to volunteer at least 3 full days (or 6 half days) at NJSGA Championships and qualifiers during the golf season (mid-April thru mid-October).
  • Attend a pre-season/early-season training workshop. (Attendance at a Rules Seminar, conducted by the NJSGA or USGA, is also strongly preferred.)
  • Have a desire to ‘give back’ to the game of golf.
  • Have a general/working knowledge of the Rules of Golf.
  • Have means of reliable transportation.

How will I receive training by the NJSGA?

The NJSGA requires that all new Tournament Committee members attend our annual pre-season workshop and a Rules Seminar. In addition, all new Committee members will receive on-site training at their first few tournaments. New members will ‘ride along’ with veteran NJSGA Officials and learn the various tasks that are part of our tournament operations. Most importantly, we encourage your questions at any time.

What is provided by the NJSGA?

The NJSGA will provide all Committee members with a NJSGA golf shirt, hat, name badge, and copy of the Rules of Golf and a Decisions Book. All Committee members will also receive a copy of our Tournament Committee handbook, which reviews the roles and responsibilities of volunteers, assignments, procedures, and a ‘how-to’ guide in making rulings and dealing with on-course situations. Also, Committee members are provided with a light breakfast and lunch on days when they are present to officiate.

Oftentimes, committee members will find that the most rewarding aspect of serving on the NJSGA Tournament Committee is the sense of camaraderie among its members. All of the men and women on the Committee share an interest in the game of golf and a great desire to serve the game.

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