Caddie Scholar Alumni Association (CSAA)

Formed several years ago, the Caddie Scholar Alumni Association (CSAA) represents and brings together former NJSGA caddie scholars.  The Association keeps alumni connected to the program and helps drive the program to new heights of success.  Caddie scholars have gone on to become leaders in their professional fields and communities, and almost all maintain an avid interest in golf.

The CSAA has three primary goals:

1)  Fundraising.  We support the annual fundraising efforts of the Caddie Scholarship Foundation, which seeks to increase the number of scholarships and size of the scholarship granted to each student.  This fundraising includes driving direct donations from caddie scholar alumni and helping the Foundation increase giving from private clubs and their members as well as the NJ business community.

2)  Career Networking.  We are committed to strengthening the alumni network, which spans multiple professional fields.  We encourage young alumni and current scholars to seek career counseling from established alumni, and established alumni to advise young alumni and scholars.

3)  Caddie Development.  We promote caddieing as a positive and rewarding job option for New Jersey's youth.

Recent Developments

  • The CSAA is currently collecting alumni email addresses in an effort to maintain the alumni network.  Alumni, please send an email to to confirm your contact information and to provide the CSAA with your email address.

  • We circulated our first newsletter, In the Loop, early in November.  This quarterly publication informs readers of any news pertaining to the Caddie Scholarship Foundation and the CSAA, and profiles exemplary alumni and provides contact information for these individuals.  If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to with your request.  We have an ongoing effort to spotlight success stories as caddie scholars go on to their professional careers.  All caddie scholars are encouraged to keep us posted on their progress and achievements.  Please forward new contact and address information to Johanna Gavin at the NJSGA: call (908) 241-4653 (GOLF), or email her at the above address.

  • To facilitate networking among caddie scholar alumni, a LinkedIn group has been created.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site that enables professionals to search for and connect with each other.  Joining LinkedIn and the CSAA group is easy; go to, create a profile and search "Groups" for "NJSGA Caddie Scholar Alumni Association."  Don't miss out on this highly effective networking tool. 

  • Our annual activities include a networking reception at the end of the year that brings together current and former caddie scholars, members of the NJ golf community, the leadership of the Caddie Scholarship Foundation, and distinguished speakers from the world of golf and sports. 

Please reach out to any members of the CSAA Leadership Committee listend below if you would like to discuss opportunities for involvement:

Vincent Wycko                             Suburban                            

Kaitlin Severini                             Rumson                              

Matt Saul                                     Crestmont                           

Paul Salerno                                Plainfield                             

James Picariello                          Crestmont                           

Mike McFadden                          Essex Fells                          

Jamie McFadden                        Essex Fells                          

Jaan Janes                                 Crestmont                            

John Genovese                          Navesink                              

David Epstein                             Baltusrol                              

Traver Davis                              Rock Spring                         

Tom Angell                                Woodlake                             


Note: There is no fee to join the Caddie Scholar Alumni Association.