2023 Ultimate Team Event

Hawk Pointe G.C.

  • Entry Deadline:
  • Fee: $500.00 Per Team
  • Location: Hawk Pointe G.C. — 294 Rte. 31 South, Washington, NJ, 07882
  • Handicap Limit: Team Handicap Limit 45.0 and Under

About the Event

Format:  2023 (27-Hole) Ultimate Team Event 'The UTE':
                 Round 1: 18-Holes, Four-Ball 
                 (Final) Round 2: 9-Holes, Pinehurst
                 Start Time: 8-9am range

Registration: OPEN (Closes August 14)

Fee: $500 per two person team
- 27-Holes of Golf with Cart
- Hot Breakfast, BBQ Lunch, Great Food after golf
- NJSGA Gift (for all players) and Winning Prizes

Winning Prize(s): Multiple prize opportunities.
Overall Division: 1st and 2nd - Golf Overnight plus two-rounds at elite NJ Courses. 3rd Place (Shop Credit)
Club/Course Division: 1st and 2nd - Day of golf at NJ (TBD) Club. 3rd Place (Shop Credit)
Pinehurst 9 - Round(s)
Championshiop (Back 9) - 1st Place - Shop Credit
Consolation (Front 9) - 1st Place - Shop Credit

The NJSGA is inviting two-man teams to compete in the 2023 Ultimate Team Event ("UTE") at Hawk Pointe Golf Club.

The UTE is one-day (two-round), two-person team event using the Stableford Points System with Net and Gross scoring. Round 1 features an 18-Hole, Four-Ball followed by Round 2 which is a 9-hole, Pinehurst format Championship round. The top half of the field play the Back 9 in the Championship Pinehurst round. The bottom half play the front 9 in the Consolation Pinehurst round.

Round 1/Four-Ball: 2 Person Teams. Both team members play their own ball. The low score of the two is the team score.

Round 2/Pinehurst: 2 Person Teams. Both team members play their tee shots and then play their partner's ball on the 2nd shot. For the third shot, the team selects the better of the two balls in play and finishes the hole by alternating shots until the ball is holed.

Stableford (Points) Scoring System: Teams receive 1 point for bogey, 2 points for Par, 3 points for Birdie, 4 points for Eagle (or a Hole-in-one on a Par 3 Hole), and 5 points for Double Eagle.

Criteria for clubs and courses to submit a team into the UTE:

NEW: The UTE is now open team members from different clubs.

Note: There will still be a club/course division in addition to the overall prize.

Refund Policy:
NO REFUND SHALL BE ISSUED AFTER THE CLOSE OF ENTRIES, except in the case of illness or injury as accompanied by a physician´s notice. In this case, entry fee will be refunded minus a $50 surcharge. If a team does not gain entry into an event due to oversubscription, they will be refunded in full. No refunds shall be issued for any reason after the tournament start date. All requests for a refund must be initiated via email or telephone by contacting Rich Kennedy, at richk@njsga.org or 908-241-4653.

Entrant's Agreement:

By a player’s attempt to enter this Championship, he/she agrees that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to all conditions and stipulations set forth as indicated herein. A player understands that the final decision regarding acceptance of entries is at the discretion of the NJSGA, and that the NJSGA reserves the right to reject or withdraw an entry at any time, before or during a competition, and to modify the championship program for any reason if deemed advisable. A player has subjected him/herself to the authority of the NJSGA, whose decision on any/all points shall be final. USGA Rules of Golf shall govern play at all times and will be augmented by local rules in effect during a competition.

** Please be sure to carefully read all instructions, terms, and conditions prior to submitting your entry.

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