NJSGA Club Rep Program

The New Jersey State Golf Association is embarking on an initiative where we ask clubs to designate a member to serve as a liaison between their club and our association. The goal is to maintain open lines of communication between the club and the NJSGA so that we can better serve the needs of the club and its members.

All member clubs and courses, public and private, are asked to appoint a person of  their choice. In most cases, the “ideal” Club Rep is a club leader, such as a board member or someone with frequent access to the board that might already be familiar with the NJSGA.

The Club Rep will serve as a liaison between his/her club and the NJSGA. He or she will be asked to disseminate the NJSGA’s information to the club’s membership, and also keep the NJSGA apprised of club activities which will help us support and celebrate the club. Our goal is to increase your club’s awareness of our programs and events; meanwhile, we want to hear of issues, initiatives, and news about your club.

The Club Rep position is not time consuming. Regular emails will keep the Club Rep informed about what’s happening at the NJSGA, and we ask that the Club Rep shares our correspondence with club leaders, and where appropriate, the membership.

Initially, there will be an online orientation to accompany a handbook, and eventually a few meetings to help develop the program. While the program will not require much time, we are looking for a true commitment. If you would like to be your Club Rep, please let the leaders of your club know or contact Kevin Purcell via email  (kevinp@njsga.org) or telephone at (908) 241-GOLF.

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