The New Jersey State Golf Association Women's Amateur Player of the Year Award was created in 2014 to annually recognize the top female amateur golfer from the State of New Jersey. The Player of the Year Points System is structured to award points to players based on their finish in local, state, regional, national, and international golf championships. Before applying points, a player must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for Player of the Year standings:

1.  A player must meet the standard tournament eligibility requirements to participate in NJSGA Championships,

 - AND -

2. A player must compete in at least one (1) NJSGA Championship during the calendar year.


NOTE: The NJSGA reserves the right to modify eligibility conditions and the below chart (click link to view) at any time if deemed advisable. Points may be awarded for other events, at the discretion of the NJSGA. The decision with regard to the NJSGA Amateur Player of the Year rests solely with the NJSGA and is not limited to point totals accumulated as per the point value chart.

TO ALL PLAYERS: It is each player´s responsibility to notify the NJSGA of instances when she has earned points, and to ensure that the NJSGA has awarded any earned points appropriately. Each player should periodically verify her points total and notify the NJSGA if she believes there is a discrepancy.

Click here to download the NJSGA Women's Amateur player of the year award point system.