GHIN Handicap Service

GHIN Handicap Service

The NJSGA provides WHS/GHIN Handicap service to over 200 public courses, private golf clubs and leagues throughout New Jersey.

Your WHS Handicap Index enables a wide range of competitive golf opportunities. Whether it's to verify your entry into a local, state, or national championship, a club member guest, Monday outings or used in casual matches with friends, a WHS/GHIN Handicap makes it happen for you!

On this page you will discover why and how an WHS/GHIN Handicap can enhance your golf experience.

  • Acceptable Scores

    Acceptable Scores

    An acceptable score for handicap purposes includes scores on all courses with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating made during an active season, both at home and away. Scores in both match play and stroke play –  including multi-ball or team competitions where players have not completed one or more holes or players are requested to pick up when out of contention on a hole. Scores from rounds of golf played under Covid 19 social distancing conditions are acceptable scores.

  • Playing Condition Calculation

    Playing Condition Calculation

    When there are days that the course plays much tougher or easier than it normally plays a Playing Condition Calculation may be factored into your handicap score. The calculation is performed once a day and there must have been at least 8 scores posted.

  • Daily Revisions

    Daily Revisions

    Handicaps update everday at midnight in the providing golfers with a more responsive and up to date Handicap Index. GOLFERS MUST REMEMBER TO POST AFTER THEY PLAY.

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