To establish an NJSGA/GHIN handicap through the NJSGA website click ESTABLISH OR RENEW A HANDICAP (below) and select a home course.

                                     ESTABLISH OR RENEW A HANDICAP!                          

For golfers who are not members of golf clubs, one of the methods to establish a handicap index is through a public golf course. Most public courses in NJ are members of the NJSGA and provide handicap service for daily fee golfers. If there is a golf course you play often or is close to where you live or work you should inquire at the golf course about setting up an NJSGA/GHIN handicap.

Once established, using your last name and GHIN # you will be able to post scores on-line and upon the next revision you will be able to retrieve your last twenty scores and handicap index at and In addition, (also) using your last name and GHIN # you can receive your updated handicap index via the NJSGA Handicap eBulletin which is the the NJSGA´s enewsletter, emailed to you every two weeks during the golf season and once a month in the off-season, that contains a direct link to your latest handicap history. For more information about your NJSGA/GHIN handicap or any other golf handicap questions or concerns please search our other informative links under Handicapping or send an email to