Distinguished Service Award

Coleen Luker

Coleen Luker

  • 2021

Coleen Luker, the first female NJSGA board member has been a pivotal member of the NJSGA for many years. In 2008, she was instrumental in merging the New Jersey State Women’s Golf Committee with the NJSGA and in 2011, she became the first woman to serve on the NJSGA Board, serving as Women’s Committee Chair, until 2015. In 1978, Luker joined the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association and served on the board of the Garden State Women’s Golf Association. Additionally, from 1998-2002 she served as the Junior Amateur Tournament Golf Director for the New Jersey State Women’s Golf Committee. 

“Honey was one of those people who took a liking to me. I don’t know why, but she watched over me her whole life,” Luker said. “She always knew what I was up to, she always encouraged me, always knew my good golf scores and never paid attention to the bad ones. When the women’s committee joined the NJSGA, it was great for me to reconnect with her late in life and spend time with her before she got sick. I will never forget her because of how she made me feel. I will also never forget my time with the NJSGA because all of the help I got from everyone and how much I enjoyed it. She loved this organization and I do too.”

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