The New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA) is an Association of member clubs and golf courses and member golfers. A golfer who is a member or has an active NJSGA/GHIN handicap at an NJSGA member club or golf course is considered to be a member of the NJSGA. There has been no better time than now to be a member club and a member golfer of the NJSGA.

The NJSGA provides member clubs with Course Rating, Laser Measuring, and the GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network) service. NJSGA Caddie Scholarships are made available to qualified Caddies from NJSGA Member Clubs. Club officials, employees, and representatives are invited to the NJSGA Golf Summitt, along with informational seminars on the Rules of Golf and Handicapping. Member Clubs are featured in the quarterly NJSGA Golf Magazine and receive bulk shipment of the magazine with each new issue.  Member Clubs are also listed on the Club Memberships page of the NJSGA website and have the opportunity to offer and promote exclusive discounts to NJSGA member golfers via the eBenefits section of the website.

NJSGA Member golfers get an NJSGA/GHIN handicap with full access to post scores, look up handicaps, and keep stats on-line at and Member golfers also can take advantage of the on-line eBenefits programs where NJSGA member clubs and golf courses provide special discounts to NJSGA member golfers. NJSGA members are allowed to compete in NJSGA Championships and Member Golf Days. In addition, NJSGA Members can have the quarterly NJSGA Golf  magazine shipped to their homes.