Below you will find detailed information on Golf Clubs, Golf Resorts, and Golf Tour Groups offering Stay and Play packages that are exclusive to *members of the NJSGA.

*NJSGA members are individuals that are a member of or have an NJSGA/GHIN handicap at an NJSGA member club or golf course.


New Jersey

Vineyard Golf @ Renault Winery

From it´s beginning, the owners of Renault Winery Resort & Golf aspired to create a golf course unique to South Jersey which would be complimented by our award winning restaurants, winery and the Tuscany Hotel.

Crystal Springs Resort

Hole in One Package•         Accommodations as selected at the luxurious Grand Cascades Lodge, recreation-rich Minerals Resort &...

Atlantic City Country Club

4 Unbelievable Ways to Save on your next AC Golf Trip!