To become a member of the NJSGA you must establish an NJSGA/GHIN handicap by either registering on-line and selecting an NJSGA member public golf course that uses the NJSGA on-line Handicap Registration service or by simply inquiring at a golf course you play often or is convenient to where you live about how to register for an NJSGA/GHIN handicap. 

You may click either option below for more information.

Note: You may already be a member! If you are a member of an NJSGA member club or have an active GHIN handicap at an NJSGA member public golf course you are a member of the NJSGA and have full access to our member services.

Once your NJSGA/GHIN Handicap is activated you will have full access to the following core NJSGA Member Services.

* NJSGA E-Benefits - Discount golf for NJSGA Members from NJSGA Member Golf Clubs and Courses

* GHIN - On-line Score Posting, Handicap Lookup, and keep your golf stats with eGolfer 

* Member Golf Days - One Day Net Events held at exclusive golf clubs for NJSGA members of varying skill levels.

* Championships - Test your skill with New Jersey's best of the best in the NJSGA's elite State Championships.

* NJSGA Golf Magazine - NJSGA members can have the magazine mailed to their homes quarterly at no cost.