As a member of the New Jersey golf community, I understand my role is crucial in improving the pace of play in the sport I love. Therefore, I pledge to do my utmost to pick up my pace of play at all times because the future of golf depends on it.

  1. I will play from the set of tees that best suits my game
  2. I will shorten my pre-shot routine and practice “Ready Golf,” when it’s appropriate and safe to play
  3. I will pick-up my golf ball when I am out of the hole or have exceeded my Equitable Stroke Control Limit
  4. I will “read” my putts while others are putting or chipping to the green
  5. I will serve as an example on the golf course and help guide my fellow golfers to improve their pace of play
  6. I pledge to support those who manage the courses where I play as they find solutions for optimizing the pace of play
  7. I will pick up my pace of play because I know it will play a part in making golf more enjoyable for myself, my playing partners, those on the golf course with me and the entire New Jersey golf community.

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