Danny Frauenheim pictured on the right

KENILWORTH, N.J. – Danny Frauenheim's love for caddying began like many other fellow caddies. The current New Jersey State Golf Association Caddie Scholarship recipient loves being around the course and wanted to be around it as much as possible.

The senior at Susquehanna University started caddying at Manasquan River Golf Club in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the trade. 

“I started in the bag room and I love the game of golf, so I just wanted to be around the course every day," expressed Frauenheim. "One day they were short on caddies and asked me to try it out, so I did and I fell in love with it. I started asking for more loops and the caddie manager is a great guy, so he helped me out with getting me out on the course."

"Last year I was remote all year for school, which allowed me to be at the course five to six days a week. It’s an awesome place and the members and staff are great and I loved being there.”

When it comes to being on the golf course, Frauenheim says that the membership is always there to help the caddies in life and in golf.

“Every time I go out, the members are helping me with anything I need and if I have any questions about golf or life in general, they’re there to answer them and help," said Frauenheim. "They have all been really helpful, even when I started caddying and didn’t really know much, the members were great with helping me out on the course. So I’m really thankful for the members taking me under their wing and helping me along as a caddie.”

Caddying at Manasquan River allowed Frauenheim to learn about the caddie scholarship offered to caddies around the state by the NJSGA. The club believed the scholarship would be a good opportunity for Frauenheim and encouraged him to apply for it. He now feels incredibly honored to have been given this scholarship, especially during the pandemic. Along with feeling grateful, Frauenheim says he has been able to take advantage of the great Caddie Scholarship network.

“Meeting people from other clubs is really interesting. Another caddie and I went to the Caddie Scholarship Foundation reception and were able to meet a lot of caddies from different clubs. I thought that was pretty cool because I wouldn’t have met them without the scholarship. I was also able to network with a lot of alumni and learn what they do and their background.”

The NJSGA is honored to offer these scholarships to caddies around the state of New Jersey. To learn more about becoming a Caddie Scholar recipient, call the office at 908-241-GOLF (4653) or click here.  

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