NJSGA Partner, Golf Car Specialties, is conducting a Demo Day of the latest model golf cars at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster on Thursday, Oct. 20. Fiddler’s Elbow is one of five Demo Days Golf Car Specialties will be hosting throughout its territory of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia.

“The idea is to provide customers an opportunity to try all of the available fleet golf cars in a side-by-side demonstration,” said John Myers, principle of the company.

“We are a Yamaha distributor and we are bringing in new EZGO and new Club Cars. We are not afraid to allow people to compare golf cars,” he said.

“My theory over the years is to never be afraid to have our products compete against anyone else’s. At some point, I think it gives people a great education when they can truly compare the features,” Myers said.

Golf Professionals, Superintendents, General Managers and Board Members are expected to attend the Demo Day at each location.

“There are more than 900 golf courses in the five states we support and they average a complete fleet turnover every five years,” noted Myers. He added the company’s share of the market has doubled to 44 percent since it opened in 2000. “We have great working relationships. Our staff is always there for you,” he said.

He is excited about Yamaha’s 2017 redesign. The most impact will come from a new quiet gas golf car called the Yamaha Quietech Gas Car.

“It is simply stunning. From 20 yards, it is difficult to hear. You can compare it to an electric car from 20 yards and you probably won’t hear either one,” Myers said.

The Yamaha body has also undergone a few changes, as well, for a fresher look. “The dash is really impressive. You can store everything in there. There are even USB ports to support cell phones and portable GPS.”

Myers said the Demo Day includes a full range of activities, including an active demonstration, lunch, golf, and a short celebration afterwards. During the Demo Day, participants can ride in whichever type of golf car they prefer and switch around during the event.

For more information visit www.yamahagolfcar.com/may-the-best-car-win/

or contact Golf Car Specialties directly at 610-495-8080.

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