KENILWORTH, N.J. - Despite being a product of Oregon, David Glenz brought New Jersey golf to another level. Along with Ed Whitman and legend Babe Lichardus, Glenz won four Open Championships (1984, ‘86, ‘88 and ’90) setting himself apart from the rest of his generation.

Four years removed from the PGA Tour, Glenz moved East and landed the role as head golf professional at Morris County Golf Club. There, he mentored tons of golfers, including fellow NJSGA Hall of Fame inductee, Karen Noble. Although he didn’t have much time to practice on his game, Glenz credits his time on the range helping others as his success as a player.

“I had help along the way from various golf professionals, but I think my best playing came when I was teaching and that carried over to my play on the golf course and just doing a lot of demonstration in a lesson with the motions throughout the day,” Glenz reflected.

His phenomenal career is also highlighted by two NJPGA Section Championships (1985, ’86) and two Met Open Championships (1978, ’86). Glenz is a four-time NJPGA Player of the Year (1985-’88) and was named the NJPGA Player of the Decade for the 1980s. 

It’s been almost 38 years since Glenz won his first Open that came at Morris County, and he recalls it as his most memorable victory.

“I hadn’t won anything in a long time, so that was pretty satisfying. I started out nervous and jumpy. By the third round I was playing so well I couldn’t feel more comfortable and then I bogeyed the last couple holes, and I started the fourth round nervous again. It’s always satisfying to win a State Open and with the State Golf Association, they always prepare events like the U.S. Open with the green speeds and rough difficulty, so it really challenges all the players.”

Amongst his stellar playing and teaching career, Glenz managed to establish the The David Glenz Golf Academy at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg.

Glenz went on to mentor three-time NJSGA Open Champion Tyler Hall, former LPGA players Laurie Rinker and Kendra Little, Canadian Tour player Jesse Smith, and many more. During his time at Morris County Golf Club, Glenz is credited for mentoring his 2022 NJSGA Hall of Fame classmate, Karen Noble, during her formative years. For Glenz and Noble, this occasion is quite significant. “As a teacher it’s always satisfying when you see your students do well and it’s more satisfying to see your students do well than to see yourself do well," said Glenz. "I’ve had more satisfaction helping others than helping myself and it’s pretty neat to be inducted at the same time.”

Glenz was also honored as New Jersey Teacher of the Year eight times and in 1998, the PGA of America honored him with the National PGA Teacher of the Year award.

In 2010, Black Oak Golf Club, a private club designed by Glenz, opened in Long Valley (in Morris County). Along with the club’s opening, Glenz’s renowned golf academy relocated to Black Oak, and later to Florida, where Glenz continues to actively teach.

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