A “status of golf” update from the NJSGA (April 22, 2020):

Over the past month, the NJSGA and the allied associations in New Jersey (Golf Course Superintendents Association of NJ, New Jersey Club Managers Association, New Jersey Golf Course Owners Association, New Jersey PGA Section and Philadelphia PGA Section), have worked together to provide a unified voice in support of golf in our state. On Tuesday, April 21, a letter was sent to Governor Murphy requesting that golf be reinstated as an allowable outdoor activity. In acknowledgement of the Governor’s leadership we expressed our appreciation for his commitment to public safety and shared that golf is committed to being part of the solution by providing much needed mental and physical health benefits.

The letter included an explanation of how New Jersey courses and golfers are ready and willing to take on the great responsibility of returning to golf in a safe and healthy manner. The Allied Associations contributed their expertise by providing information for courses, employees, and golfers. The Golf Course Superintendents Association of New Jersey prepared best practices for course maintenance and the maintenance staff. The operations side of the game was handled by the local PGA Sections, Club Managers and Club Owners Associations. Guidelines for the facilities were created by a joint effort of all. The NJSGA created an infographic for New Jersey golfers which will be distributed through our communication channels.

The guidelines show we all have a role in the safe return of our game. We trust that Governor Murphy will see our commitment, as an industry and as golfers, and allow the season to begin.

The NJSGA will continue to work closely with the aforementioned New Jersey based groups as well as the Metropolitan Golf Association and the Golf Association of Philadelphia to promote our game. Hopefully, we will be back on the first tee soon.

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