Caddies: A Timeless Tradition
Despite threats, caddies still have integral role in the sport.

The Spring 2017 issue of NJSGAGolf as illustrated by the cover photo featuring Andrew Lunau offering advice to former NJSGA Pre-Senior champion Nick Desai focuses on the caddie. Dan Meehan, NJSGA President, summarizes our vision to shed light on the game of golf’s great tradition in his President’s Message:

Many of you are aware of the NJSGA’s commitment to caddies, as evidenced by our Caddie Scholarship Foundation, one of the most successful in our country. Our support of caddies extends further to the encouragement and assistance of caddie programs at our member clubs and courses. We believe the golf experience is enhanced by “walking the course” and whether you carry your bag or use a caddie, the exercise and enjoyment of the great outdoors complements the experience. Of course, not all facilities permit walking or have a caddie program, but if you have an opportunity to walk, give it a try. You may even play better!

Many of us have experience enjoyable rounds with memorable caddies, especially the “lifers,” people with great golf knowledge and interesting life stories. We all have met a few of these “characters” who love to help you be a better golfer. Whether you meet the veterans or the enthusiastic high school or college students, take advantage of the opportunity. You can read some interesting stories about caddies in this issue of NJSGAGolf.

We are fortunate to have some of the best golf courses in the country in the Metropolitan area and with that, the longest and strongest caddie programs in the country. New Jersey is home to over 70 golf and country clubs that have a “caddie program;” from clubs like Raritan Valley Country Club that has a few loopers on the weekend, to Baltusrol Golf club, where Nick Desai is a member, that has 75+ caddies in the yard every day.

“For me, caddies are an integral part of golf, particularly where I am a member, at Baltusrol. We’re very fortunate in the northeast area of the U.S. to have caddies. When I visit relatives in Florida, we’re always riding carts and I don’t enjoy golf as much,” says Desai.

“I like the camaraderie of having a caddie as a companion. During tournaments, I like having a caddie I can bounce ideas off, and he can confirm what you’re thinking.”

Desai often takes a caddie, whether it be at his home club, or in a tournament, as he did, pictured with Andrew Lunau.

“Andrew’s knowledge of Montammy saved me three or four shots per round. He knew the subtle breaks on the greens, things I couldn’t even see. When you get a caddie like Andrew, it makes things so much easier.”

“Another special caddie is J.D. (John Doherty). He’s seen every golf course in New Jersey.”

In summary, Desai is a genuine advocate of caddies.

“A great caddie provides a huge competitive edge. You have a huge advantage when you have the right caddie on the bag.”

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