As of Friday, November 15, golfers are no longer permitted to post scores from rounds played in New Jersey and surrounding states. The active handicap posting season for New Jersey and the immediate area resumes on April 1, 2020.

Scores for rounds played in areas which are still in active seasons MUST be posted. A schedule of the score posting season, by state, is available by clicking here.

Monthly handicap revisions will continue to be provided by the NJSGA for the remainder of 2019 on Nov. 15, Dec. 1 and Dec. 15. Any scores posted from “in-season” locations will be factored into the computation of a golfer’s USGA Handicap Index.

Looking ahead to the launch of the World Handicap System on January 1, 2020, golfers are advised that a transfer period will occur during the first week in January as the WHS is implemented. Once the full implementation has concluded during the first week of January, handicaps will be revised on a daily basis. For more information about the World Handicap System, please click here. The concept of active/inactive score posting seasons will continue, going forward.

Golfers are encouraged to consult their club’s handicap committee or contact the NJSGA Handicap Department at 908-241-GOLF for assistance.

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