Saturday, November 14, was the last day to post scores in NJ and other surrounding states. Any rounds played in NJ and the northeast region between November 15 and March 31, 2021 cannot be posted.

Below are some frequently asked questions that often come up when playing winter golf:

Q: If the weather and course conditions are perfect at my New Jersey golf course - but it is out of season - can I still post my score?

A: No - you cannot post. First, each course in the GHIN system has "season dates" assigned. So, if the course you are playing is out of season, neither the GHIN mobile app, nor will allow the score to be posted.

Further, keep in mind that the Course Rating System requires that courses are rated to reflect mid-season conditions such as green speed, rough height, and other maintenance practices. During the winter, courses are prepared differently than in mid-season months, therefore compromising the accuracy of the Course and Slope Rating which was calculated based upon normal, or mid-season, conditions.

Q: If I’m playing golf on my Myrtle Beach trip during January, am I allowed to post scores even though my home course, in New Jersey, is in its off-season?

A: Yes, you must post those scores - or from any other area which is "in-season". The Carolinas and many other southern areas are considered "year-round" regions.

Q: How can I find out whether a state is in-season or out of season?

A: Click here for the handicap score posting schedule for each state of the U.S.

Q: Will I continue to receive the NJSGA's bi-monthly "E-Links" newsletter, and my current GHIN Handicap Information?

A: Yes, the NJSGA will send "E-Links" on the 1st and 15th of each month through the off-season. Be sure to check your email inbox for this bi-monthly newsletter which will keep you informed with all of the latest New Jersey golf news!

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