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Membership in the NJSGA


  • You can join the NJSGA directly through the “NJSGA E-Club”. The NJSGA E-Club offers the full suite of NJSGA member benefits, listed below. Click here to join the NJSGA E-Club. The cost is $55.00 per year - and after completing the registration and payment process, you will be an active NJSGA member - able to post scores and enjoy all benefits of membership - in a matter of seconds.
  • Most public courses in NJ are members of the NJSGA, through which you can join the NJSGA. To view a list of NJSGA member public courses, click here. In order to join the NJSGA through a public course, you will have to visit or contact the course directly.
  • Each member of a private NJSGA member club is automatically a member of the NJSGA. To view the list of private NJSGA member clubs, click here.

NJSGA Member Benefits Include:

  • A GHIN #, enables you to post scores, view your score history, track your Handicap Index, and monitor personal statistics. The NJSGA’s GHIN mobile app is also available for download for NJSGA members.
  • For casual golfers, Member Golf Days (MGDs) offer the chance to play some of N.J.’s best courses in a low-key atmosphere. All MGDs consist of net scoring; some are individual events while others are two, or four-player events. The social aspect of MGDs is also an alluring part of each event. The 2021 schedule will be announced shortly.
  • For the competitive golfer, the NJSGA conducts 24 state championship competitions. Men’s, women’s, senior, and junior events are held annually to identify “the best in state”. Click here for the 2022 schedule.
  • Educational seminars are conducted by experts on the Rules of Golf and the World Handicap System.
  • New Jersey Golf Magazine is mailed to your home four times a year. It includes features on “the state of golf” and is a must-read for any avid N.J. golfer.
  • “E-Links” is the NJSGA’s official digital newsletter which is emailed twice monthly to NJSGA members. It includes the latest golf news, exclusive offers and opportunities, and an in-depth look at all things golf in N.J.
  • There’s more! Click here for a full list of benefits and opportunities.

For technical support or questions, click here or call the NJSGA at (908) 241-4653.

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