Establish Handicap Index & Renew GHIN #

Renew or sign up for your NJSGA membership and an active GHIN # today!

If there is an NJSGA member golf course you play often, or is close to where you live or work, you can inquire at the golf course about setting up an active GHIN #. Or, you can sign up for the NJSGA E-Club by clicking here.

Once your GHIN # is active through the E-Club or NJSGA member course/club, you are a member of the NJSGA. Using your last name and GHIN Number, you will be able to post scores online, access your handicap, score history, and detailed statistics via and 

You will also receive the NJSGA's official bi-monthly e-newsletter, NJSGA E-Links, via email on the 1st and 15th of each month. NJSGA E-Links will include a link to your current handicap index, as well as the latest NJSGA news.

For more information about your GHIN # and Handicap Index calculation, please review the Handicapping section of the web site, or contact the NJSGA handicap department at

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