GHIN Mobile App

Whether you just finished draining a 10-footer on the 18th hole or need to verify your
partner’s Handicap Index, the GHIN Mobile App is a convenient, fast and easy way to record scores, determine your Course Handicap, and even sign up for your association events. 

Download the free App for your Android or Apple product by entering the key word GHIN and search Google Play (formally, the Android Market) or the iTunes Store. 

When launching the App, you will be required to enter your GHIN number and your last name for verification purposes. This information will then be retained by the app for future use.  

If you are a multi-association member, you will be asked to select the club and association which you want the information to display. 

Highlights of the App include: 

  • Ability to post** your scores via your smart phone or tablet
  • Post Hole by Hole scores while you play or after your round
  • Track your stats (Fairways/Greens in reg., putts per hole & more)
  • View your Handicap Index® 
  • View Handicap Index for fellow golfers by name or GHIN number
  • NJSGA information:        
    • News feed
    • Tournament calendar and sign-up
    • Tournament pairings, real time scoring and results
    • Magazine
  • Get partners handicaps:
    • The Course Handicap can now be calculated for up to 5 partners. 
    • The app will remember those partners from session to session.

A list of favorite courses can be added through the settings menu. Once added, the favorite course can quickly be selected during the score-posting process or when looking up a Course Handicap.

Course Rating information is available from the Course Rating database.

Stats menu – sorting features include:

  • Handicap History
  • Scores by course/tee
  • Nine hole/combined scores
  • Recent scores
  • Revision scores
  • Tournament scores

Please note use of the GHIN Mobile app requires the golfer to have a Handicap Index issued by the NJSGA.

**Your golf club must authorize online score posting for this feature to be enabled. Contact your golf association for further details.

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