GHIN Handicap Service

GHIN Handicap Service

The NJSGA provides GHIN handicapping services to over 200 public courses, private golf clubs and leagues throughout New Jersey.

Your USGA Handicap Index enables a wide range of competitive golf opportunities. Whether it's to verify your entry into a local, state, or national championship, a club member guest, Monday outings or used in casual matches with friends, a GHIN Handicap makes it happen for you!

On this page you will discover why and how an GHIN Handicap Index can enhance your golf experience.



  • Most Likely Score

    Most Likely Score

    ...Especially useful in team best ball or match play when your teammate is in for a better score a golfer will often pick-up and simply post the score he/she 'most likely' would have had if the hole was played out.

  • Tournament Score Question

    Tournament Score Question

    Using tournament scores or T-Scores is very helpful in targeting golfers who perform better in tournaments than in casual golf because when a score is posted with a score type of T it is stored in a separate folder for one year.

  • Playing From Different Tees

    Playing From Different Tees

    Play the tee that most suits your game and keep the competition fair with other golfers playing different tees.

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