NJSGA Membership

NJSGA Membership

For nearly 125 years, the New Jersey State Golf Association has provided services to the clubs, courses and golfers of the Garden State. It is an association that aims to provide great golf opportunities to its members. A player is a member of the NJSGA if the person has an active NJSGA/GHIN handicap at an NJSGA member club or golf course. Check out the member benefits and take advantage of a NJSGA membership.

  • JOIN the NJSGA eClub Online

    JOIN the NJSGA eClub Online

    The NJSGA offers a fast and easy way to join the association and activate your GHIN handicap. The NJSGA eClub is a web-based club made up of golfers that frequently plays in NJSGA Championship and Member Golf Days. If you need a quick renewal this is the place for you. 

  • JOIN a Public Course Online

    JOIN a Public Course Online

    Many of New Jersey's public facilities are available through the online join/renew. You can scroll throught the list of participating courses and select one to be your home course. Play there all the time or or a few times a year there is no prerequisite to joining these courses.

  • JOIN in person at an NJSGA Course

    JOIN in person at an NJSGA Course

    Players who join an NJSGA member club are automatically members of the NJSGA and receive a GHIN Handicap. Public access golfers can join online or by visiting an NJSGA member course. The golf shop staff will be happy to assist by answering any membership inquiries. 

  • Championships


    Twenty-five State Championships are held annually between the months of May and October, including seven for women, sixteen formen, and two mixed events. These championships are conducted for golfers of all ages, including boys and girls.

    Most notably the NJSGA contucts the Open, Amateur and Women's Amateur Championships which identifies and celebrates New Jersey's premier competitors. 

  • Member Golf Days

    Member Golf Days

    Member Golf Days provide a casual, non-championship atmosphere at exclusive NJSGA clubs. They are available to NJSGA members who have an active NJSGA/GHIN Handicap of 30.0 or less. Each year the associations schedules twelve Member Golf Days at clubs throughout the state. They are a great opportunity for a broad range of NJSGA members to experience a variety of private clubs in a relaxed and social day of golf.

GHIN Handicap Program

GHIN Handicap Program

GHIN software is provided to member clubs and courses as part of their membership to the NJSGA. The GHIN Handicap Program provides for scores to be posted from a GHIN kiosk (located at a golf course), through the Internet, or via the GHIN mobile app.

The GHIN Handicap Program software effectively manages score posting, Handicap Index calculation, and provides advanced golfer statistics. In addition, Course and Slope Ratings for clubs and courses throughout the country are available.

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Fidalgo, Ron

Bey Lea G.C.

1-4-2020 On consecutive days, January 4 and 5 2020, Ron Fidalgo of Bey Lea carded a hole in one at Blue Heron Pines Golf Course. The first, on Saturday, January 4, was on Hole 11 (par 3, 105 yards). On Sunday, Fidalgo recorded a second hole in one on Hole 16, using a six rescue.


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Rudick, Anthony

Valley Brook G.C.

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