World Handicap System

World Handicap System

The World Handicap System (WHS) aims to bring six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules for Handicapping, enabling golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or where they play.

The WHS is designed to be inclusive, easy to understand and implement, without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.  Ultimately, this should help provide a solid foundation to the sport, for everyone from beginners to the experienced, from the recreational to the competitive, thereby supporting the development of the sport through increased participation.

Key Facts about the WHS
World Handicap System Overview
World Handicap System: Playing Handicap
World Handicap System: Course and Slope Rating
World Handicap System: Acceptable Scores
World Handicap System: Basis of Handicap
World Handicap System: Maximum Hole Score
World Handicap System: Abnormal Weather Conditions

WHS Resources

World Handicap System

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    5 Things to Know about the WHS

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